Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fleece Toques

I don't do much non quilting sewing any more but today I made some fleece toques for our local food bank.  Hubby liked them so much I made him one as well and then a different styled one for me.  I was going to make a flannel nightgown too but ran out of inspiration and decided to quilt instead. 
Hubby isn't feeling well and I have been making him hot lemon drinks.  He usually does supper on Thurs. but I did that like a good and dedicated wife.  Tomorrow night is the tree lighting in the village and we were going to go out for supper beforehand but it doesn't look as though he will be well enough.  I think I will take a neighbour lad and go as I/we really enjoy it.
I am going to spend some time cutting up my smaller bits of fabric tonight.  I keep trying to get them off my shelves as a lot of them aren't big enough to use for a quilt.  If I cut them into 10 and 5 inch squares, divide into darks and lights, they will be ready for scrappies.

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