Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Island Batik Draw.

We are expected to get quite a bit of snow through the night and into tomorrow.  I think hubby might be looking forward to it as he hasn't had a chance to use his new-to-him snow blower yet.  So far this winter, the snow melts before you have time to do much more than sweep off the steps.  Just in case this might be the real thing, I filled the bird feeders today so they won't have to go far for their suppers.  The little chickadees are so much fun to watch.  They have no concern about their safety around humans and will fly around my head as I am adding peanuts to the special feeder and the sunflower seeds to another.  You can almost hear them telling me to hurry up.
Hubby added one of the new lights that project swirls of colour to our outdoor decorations this year.  We just went out to see how it looks and it is quite effective and those going by on the road should be able to see it.  He is going to see if they go on sale after Christmas and perhaps add a couple more to shine over the trees.  I like the white lights but as our house is cream coloured the blue do show up better.
I started quilting a customers top today and, after the usual fiddling around to get the tension correct, it is going well.  Should get it finished tomorrow.
Island Batik is offering a draw and the link is on my Facebook page. or you can go to  Good luck.  I would love to have one of you win.

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  1. Good evening Ann. I hope you and hubby are safely hunkered down. It is looking pretty fierce out there.