Friday, July 22, 2016

More Purchases.

Another blistering hot day.  I am glad we spend a good bit of it in an air conditioned vehicle. We went to visit my brother and his wife after going to a recycle store where I found a small two cup electric kettle and a wooden shelving unit.  The first will be great for travelling.  I always have a hard time getting a decent cup of tea when I am away.  If it is just for a day or , even better, a few hours I can put up with it.  However, if I am staying at a hotel, I want my tea.  Now I can boil my own water and have my cuppa.  Most restaurants don't seem to get the concept that hot water isn't the same as boiled. Then, to top it off, the bag is put beside the pot so by the time you get it all, you have a pot of lukewarm water that is supposed to be able to diffuse.  Of course, you need boiling water to do that.  I do not consider a cup of lukewarm water with a scum floating on top to be a cup of tea (this happens when the water isn't boiling).  Call me picky but I would rather have a glass of milk.  I don't mind if it is cold!
The shelves will be great in my potting shed.  I don't have that yet but expect to by next year.  In the meantime, I have the shelves on which to place supplies.  One thing at a time.  It might be in the wrong order but a step is still a step.
My purchasing something before there is a place for it does create a problem though.  Where AM I going to put it.  Our place is not very big.  I think I will move some things in the sun room, put the shelves in front of a window and then I can put plants on it.  There isn't a back so it won't block the light or only marginally.  Problem solved.  I hope.
Have a great weekend.

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