Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Dog's Life

We had a storm thunder through just around the supper hour but it was short lived.  The garden got a good watering and when it passed by it took my headache with it.
I had a fabric order arrive today.  It was quite a large one as a couple of friends included things they wanted.  As it was from an American company, I was concerned that I would get charged duty but I didn't.  Connecting Threads ( have their own broker so the only charge is for the shipping and any taxes.  If you order enough, you don't even have to pay shipping.

I am passing this information along because quilter's in this country, especially those of us in rural areas, have to shop on line and much of that shopping is done in the States.  By the time we pay postage and exchange, the cost is to high.  I always try to buy local and then Canadian but that isn't always possible.  And I am sure you have the same problem. Therefore, it is nice to find a company smart enough to take all those factors into consideration when dealing with international customers.  I would also add that their customer service is great.

Tomorrow hubby and I are taking a break from our back woods retreat and going to visit my brother.  The weather is expected to be stifling so we will be leaving Heidi at home and a  neighbour will be dropping in to see to her.  I don't want to take the chance of her having to be in the car for even a few minutes if we have to go into a store that doesn't allow dogs.

I sometimes wish that the larger stores/malls had a place where you could leave your dog but I also know that Heidi would bark non-stop which wouldn't be good for her or anyone that has to listen to her.  So, she can sleep on the bed of her choice while staying inside where it is cool and then be petted and fussed when the neighbour comes in.  Whoever coined the phrase 'a dog's life' to mean something negative didn't know our little one.

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