Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mail Strike

Here in Canada, we are waiting to see if we are going to have a mail strike.  I know that there is less and less use of Postal Service (partly because you can't rely on it) but it is still important to many people.  If I sell a quilt, I ship it via the Post Office.  And, of course, a lot of the items I order, is shipped to me the same way.  It is vital for those that have a small mail order business as well as for those who use the Post Office as a means of reaching buyers with their advertisements.  Magazines, newspapers and other periodicals are sent the same way.
If there is a disruption, we will survive but it will also encourage businesses to find other ways to transport their items.
As mentioned, tomorrow we go for my hubby's last appointment with the surgeon.  We hope to hear that she can return to all his normal activities.  About the only restriction now has been bending more than 90 o, twisting the torso and keeping his knees height less than his body.
It has been a long 4 months but worth it to have him free of all the pain.

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