Thursday, July 14, 2016

If a Tree Falls

It has cooled here quite a bit.  No, not because it is snowing.  I just thought you would like a reminder of what I am looking forward to.  The reason it has cooled down is that we have had a good breeze all day and then a nice rainfall.  Both combined to send the hot, muggy air somewhere else.
We had a bit of a close call earlier on.  Hubby was our seeing to the chickens, heard a noise and watched a tree fall  just missing the work shed.  He just came in from outside as I write this and tells me that some birds were checking out the tree including a hummingbird.  I bet the little one was telling the others that it was responsible for the crash!
I just finished this quilt.  It was one of the challenges the Island Batik Ambassadors had.  June's project was modern quilt.  I am not sure you can see the top stitching but I used a variegated black and white thread from Superior.  The lighter sections adds movement to the top and gives the illusion of wind or rain.
This wall quilt is for sale and is available at 30% off until it goes to the store.  Contact me if interested and I will give you the particulars as well as a close up of the back which has a hanging sleeve.

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