Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Getting Together

Tomorrow is the day I get together with a couple of friends to quilt.  We all look forward to it so much that we have already picked out our next project.  Although, each of us have a regular weekly group quilt day, there is something special about this one.  Perhaps it is because there is just the three of us so it is a bit more relaxed.  Perhaps it is because we are all working on the same project.  Perhaps because it is in a home rather than a public building. Whatever the reason, it is my sanity day and I value it.
While getting ready for tomorrow, I started thinking about other creative activities and how so few of them can be done as part of a group.  Photographer's, baker's, furniture makers, potters, sculptor's generally work at their craft alone or perhaps with an assistant.  They don't get together with others who are doing the same thing.
There are a few other artists that might; knitter's will often meet in a house or church basement, painter's likewise especially those that belong to our local art centre.  They meet every Wed.  Interestingly enough those that do the other crafts don't get together.  The exception is my friend and I who quilt and we belong to the local quilt group.
Getting together with those who share the same interest multiplies the fun because you are with people who understand your passion, your special language (fat quarter's, the frog stitch) and your frustrations.

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