Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Good Report

Hubby's medical report is good.  The surgeon said he can, while using common sense, return to all his former activities.  Repetitive 90 degree  bending isn't encouraged although it is okay to  do it as a daily activity-putting on shoes, letting dog out etc.  He has to go back again in 3 months for another check up but we are certainly making progress.  The big thing now is to get off the weight that was gained during the inactivity.

I am finally starting to feeling drawn back to the studio .  The restricted free time I had while helping hubby with his recovery got me out of the habit so glad it is coming back.I am just starting my next Island Batik project.  This month the challenge is Christmas in July.  Given the heat, that might be a real challenge but I have already chosen my pattern.  It, along with another quilt I have started are from the July issue of the Quilt Pattern Magazine.
  I am also working on the quilt for my granddaughter and finishing up another top.  I am not doing anything with the blocks of the day other than saving them.  I need a break from them. A quilting friend and I were joking that we would finish them up when we are in a senior's residence.

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