Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sampler Quilting

I finished the binding on this lap quilt today and it will be going to an organization gathering quilts for the Fort McMurray fire victims.  Not fancy but it will help keep someone warm and, hopefully, remind them that Canadian's across the country are thinking of them.
I also started quilting the quilt on the frame today.  I couldn't decide on a pattern and am still getting used to the machine so I decided to do something different.  The top is just two blocks-one set vertically, the other horizontal, with sashing between.  I am doing each block in a different pattern with a pantograph row in between.  The widest outside border is also done in a different pattern.  Hopefully, by the time I have completed this I will be more comfortable with the machine.  It is quite easy to use but there is always a learning curve with anything new.
I thought we were getting a heat wave today but we didn't.  I am not disappointed.  It is still predicted though.  I will get out early in the morning for my walk tomorrow and then get the house work done so I can stay as cool as possible for the rest of the day.

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