Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Foam Board Ruler

I am going to be going out in a few moments but thought I would take time to post a few words before dashing out the door.  I had a rather long list of things to get done today and got them all accomplished plus visiting with our neighbour and taking the dog for a walk.  It has been unseasonably mild and the neighbour was working in her garden wearing a tank top.  Usually, this time of year we are into winter wear and often have snow on the ground. It is supposed to get colder by the weekend but no snow predicted yet.  I have made an appointment to get my snow tires on next week though as it will arrive before long.
I saw an interesting idea on line today.  I have been wanting to do some quilting using a ruler but haven't got the right tools.  While checking out a sight on a different subject, I saw a post from a lady who had made rulers using foam board.  Great idea.  Minimal cost and easy to do.  I have quite a bit of it left over from another project so am going to start with a simple, gentle curve.  I won't have time to do it just yet but will let you know how it works.
This is another reason I enjoy quilting: there is also ways something new to learn.
Time to dash.

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