Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Walking the Line

Hubby was saying today, as we returned from his appointment with a specialist and doing some shopping, that our social life seems to be more focused on the medical than anything else.  As he was saying this, he was noting down his meeting with the surgeon that will be doing his hip replacement.
As much as I hate to admit it, there is a lot of truth in what he says.  When I look at the calendar now, I see that more of the days involve doctor visits that anything else; and they aren't all my husband's.  I realized today that being out nearly seven hours is exhausting.  Especially when you still have to take care of getting a meal and cleaning up as well. 
I am still quite active and healthy but there are days when I am aware that I am almost at another of those birthdays that end in a zero.
We are experiencing some remarkably warm weather.  There were a lot of motorcycles on the road today getting in one more ride.  One year, while we were living in Edmonton, hubby and I had our bikes out for a ride on New Year's day.  The temperature dropped and snow arrived the next day but we had earned bragging rights.
I bought a new bird feeder today that is much bigger than the one we had.  I filled it up this evening so am looking forward to seeing the birds enjoy it tomorrow. I was talking to a lady at the store who was mentioning her problems with squirrels getting into her feeder.  I told her that I turned a wire coat hanger into a hanger that has a hook on either end.  One goes over the clothes line and the feeder hangs from the other.  The squirrels have never bothered the feeder.  I think the clothes line might be the deterrent. 

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  1. The birds aren't bothered with my feeder right now. The spruce trees, on the other hand, are alive with bird life!
    I was talking to my aunt yesterday. She was telling me that my 80 year old uncle just bought a Harley! Can you imagine!!!!!!!!
    Going to be an exceptionally warm day today. Dog and I would love to get in a good long walk, but there are so many hunters in our woods it's down right scary.