Thursday, November 19, 2015

Significant Weather Predicted

We are supposed to get our first 'significant' snowfall tonight and tomorrow.  We are ready.  Hubby just got his snow tires on today, mine are already on, we have wood cut and stacked and a freezer full of food.
The wind has been howling on and off since yesterday and I have been expecting the hydro to go but, other than a flicker, everything is fine.  We don't get as many outages as we did when we first moved here.  In 2008, the power was always going out.  Since then, poles have been replaced and trees trimmed back from the lines.  I would think that is cheaper to do this that pay crews hours of overtime.
I started quilting the crib quilt that is on my frame today but most of my time was spent baking.  I have enough bread for almost two weeks, breakfast cereal that should last almost as long and a huge pot of chili. I need to replace a zipper in my dressier winter coat so will take that out tonight while watching television.
Time for us all to adjust our driving to winter conditions.  Greater following distances from the vehicle ahead is one of the best ways of avoiding a collision  Stay safe.  You are the world to someone.

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  1. We've been ready here for a couple of weeks. Watching the weather network today, it looks like we might get something. We have to travel to Eganville today, so I hope it holds off until we are safely back in the nest. I know we have to face the muck sometime but I'd rather not be on the road with that today.