Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Batting Cupboard??

I got a lot accomplished today again although the day didn't look promising at first.  Last month, I had prepared a craft project ready for assembly and that was one of the things on today's agenda.  However, I couldn't remember where I put it.  I remembered putting it in a shopping bag and that was as far as my recall went.  Searching all the logical spots, followed by the illogical ones failed.  Hubby did a bit of poking around as well without any better result.
I decided to go on with the other things I needed to do and as I got ready for one of them, I had a thought.  And I was right.  I had, for some reason, put the bag in the batting cupboard.
I've spent the rest of the doing crafts and getting a quilt top almost completed.  All these items are for the Christmas craft sale on the 14th.  There is still more to be done but I wanted to get a good start as my sister is visiting from England.  We will, of course, be getting together and I didn't want to be worrying about a craft sale instead of enjoying our time together.
We have had another gloriously warm day which makes it difficult to stay inside.  Heidi and I went for our usual walk and then stayed out a bit longer visiting the chickens and taking to hubby who was puttering around.

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