Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Colouring for a Stress free Life

I bought a colouring book for adults a while ago and yesterday I located some crayons I got for quilt marking.  I started colouring one picture but found that I really need to use pencil crayons as the lines are too close together.
Apparently, this is a new craze-adults colouring.  A lady in my on line group mentioned that the staff where she works keep some on hand to give to those who are feeling fretful as it helps them become calmer.
I haven't noticed that I feeling any differently while doing this but perhaps because I have only done a little bit.  I am going to keep the book handy for the next time the hydro goes out as it will be something I can do without a lot of light.
Tomorrow, my sister is coming for a visit so I probably won't be posting.

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