Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Posting.

Have you noticed that I seemed to have changed from posting my blog on Friday to doing it on Saturday?  It didn't start out to be intentional; more just how my scheduled worked out a couple of times.  This weekend, it was a conscious decision.  It seems that by Friday I have nothing to say.  Or, nothing that I can make sound remotely interesting.  By Sat., my brain is working again or for what passes for working anyway.
I am just getting the last of my house work done and then can get back at quilting.  Chicken is in the oven for supper, pumpkin pie pudding is made and laundry done.  What is pumpkin pie pudding you ask?  It is, basically, pumpkin pie without the shell.  Still taste great and no nasty wheat ingestion.  I have created a crust made with garbanzo flour that is good, but, truth to tell, I don't much like making pie crusts anyway.
We have had a really bevy of birds around the feeder today.  These are the year round ones so I hope now that they see that the free lunch is available again they will hang around.  Of course, the feeder also attracts the squirrels which sends the dog into fits and her barks are punctuated by me yelling " Quiet, Heidi".  It doesn't do any good but I like to add something to the noise.
Don't forget to put your clocks back tonight.  I have already done the one in the bedroom. 
If your little ones are going out for Halloween, make sure they are easy to see.  They are too precious to risk for the sake of another piece of candy.

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