Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Big Wind.

If you live in Ontario you probably heard about,  or were affected by, the severe winds that blew through our area early Friday morning.  Our hydro flickered and went out just before 10 a.m. and didn't come back on until mid afternoon on Sunday.  Some people waited for a day longer than that. 
We have one phone that works during such times although it was sporadic and that made the situation  a bit easier.  A friend who lives in the village called to say there were a half dozen hydro poles down just north of the community.  There was also a lot of trees and power lines down in other areas so about 80,000 people were affected.
I decided to go into the village and do a bit of shopping and send off a parcel as most businesses have a generator.  Couldn't buy dairy products at the store because they didn't want the cooler's opened and couldn't send my parcel and the computerized stuff wasn't working so I came home.
I had had a bit of a delay before I could leave the house as we had a tree across the driveway.  Dear hubby went out, as you can see in the photo, and removed it for me.
It was quite exciting when the power came back again and we went around flushing toilets, adjusting clocks and trying to remember we could turn on a light when we went into a dark room.
Today, I have been finishing up the last of the items for a craft sale on Sat.  The final baby quilt is on the frame and only needs a couple more rows to be completed.  I want to add a bit of red ribbon and a few more additions from nature to the table decorations and they will also be finished.

Tomorrow we go into the village for the Remembrance Day service.  It is a priority for us.

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