Friday, November 13, 2015


We are getting a bit of snow falling this evening.  It is a nice change from the rain that seems to have been non stop for the past week.  Now that the Christmas craft sales are well underway, a little snow will help people get ready for shopping.  I have all my items ready for the sale I will be at tomorrow and only have to make my lunch.  I will do hat tonight as I will be leaving shortly after 8 a.m.
I had a lovely visit with my sister.  We watched a music DVD with hubby while I appliqued and she crocheted.  A very homey and peaceful evening.  She is now back at her son's but I am so glad we had a bit of time together.
I missed my brother's and sister's growing up years as they and my mother moved to England when I was 16.  I had already left home and was working so, although I had the chance, I didn't go with them.  Of course, I thought I was all grown up and could manage on my own.  I did manage but it wasn't until I went for a visit more than 10 years later that I realized what it was like to have a family.  It is still a wonder to me when I notice family traits like my sister and I were winter boots without socks.
Dreadful news coming from Paris this evening.  I have a nephew and his family in France so I will be worrying about him until I hear he is alright.  He does photography in Paris as well as other areas.
What a world.

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