Thursday, November 26, 2015

Another Injury

Just a quick post tonight as I am having a couple of women over for a quilting lesson.
Hubby went to the doctor's today for his pre op checkup and to find out what he did to his side when he hurt it.  He was carrying a chair and banged it into a tree,
Apparently, he has a cracked rib.  Just one more injury to add to the list.
All our snow has gone again and we have 6 degrees plus and rain.  I hate it when the season doesn't settle in.  It will eventually, of course, but right now it is like waiting for the other shoe to drop.
I only have a bit more work to do on the quilt that is on the frame and am making good progress on the foundation pieced top.  I have made a mistake on one section which has to be taken out but, fortunately, I hadn't got many of them done.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who live to the south of the border.

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