Thursday, August 27, 2015

False Alarm

Today was my turn to volunteer at the Burk's Falls Arts and Craft Centre.  It gets pretty slow this time of year as most tourists have gone home so I was glad to have another lady to share the day.  She is a fellow quilter and, like me, belongs to the local quilt group. 
I worked on the binding for a quilt and she cut some fabric for a project she was doing so we got some thing accomplished besides just keeping our chairs warm.   A few folk came by and we made a sale which helped pass the time.  Often, people drop in just to browse through the displays and that is fine.  If they like what they see they will come back as well as letting other people know about us.  It also gives us a chance to tell them about other artisan shops in the area which they might otherwise overlook.
I had a bit of a restless night as our smoke alarm malfunctioned and started beeping just after midnight.  They all have to be replaced along with the other ones whose names I can never remember.  They can be annoying things when they react to the tiniest bit of smoke coming from a toaster but that sensitivity lets us know they will also work when there is a real emergency.
May all your alarms be false ones,

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