Friday, August 21, 2015

Another Quilt Sold

Some days are productive, others aren't. Couldn't tell you what I did yesterday but today I finished and sent in  my magazine article, worked on a quilt, did laundry and the usual housework as well as a few other things that had been waiting to be finished.  All that and it is only 3.30. 
I had a welcome phone call earlier in the day letting me know that the crib quilt I had in a local store had sold and she needs another one.  I have one finished and just need to add the label.  Another is ready to go onto the frame for quilting.
I have done quite well this year with both my writing and quilting.  I don't think I am ahead of the money spent especially if you count overhead such as hydro, heating, taxes etc.  but it is still nice to get financial encouragement for what you produce.
I have been working on another scrappy quilt design and it is almost ready to sew together.  I like the way the block layout results in another design. This pattern will be for sale when it is finished.
Love the cooler weather.  A friend in the west had to put on their heat.  Much to early for that but I don't want the opposite end of the temperature scale either.

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