Wednesday, August 19, 2015

List Completed

I made  a list of things to do today and got all but one finished. That one will be completed as soon as I find a photo I've misplaced. I also made a cushion for one of the dining room chairs.  PineRose Designs (http: // had a cushion pattern that I was testing and I liked it enough to make one for myself.  Now I need to do three more.  I had been planning on making cushions for these chairs so that gave me the push to get it done.
Our hot weather continues and it is hard finding the energy to do much.  I try to keep pushing on and sticking to some kind of routing.  Heidi and I went for a good walk using the shadiest route.  I also did some work on my magazine article and the usual housework stuff.
The trees on the laneway are really changing colour now and I notice some of the others in the area are doing the same.  Still lots more summer to come but I like to see the reminder of cooler days ahead.

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  1. Thanks for testing my pattern, and for mentioning me. I've noticed leaves changing color here too. Not ready for that yet!