Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday I Shop, Wednesday I Clean.

We just has a storm blow through.  It was one of those passing, noisy ones that sound as though they really mean business but lose heart half way through.  Our garden needs the rain so glad we got as much as we did.  The sun is shining again and hubby was able to get our garbage to the landfill.  The wipers on the old truck don't work so he has to wait until he knows everything will be alright before going out.
We were in Huntsville this morning doing some last minute shopping before our company arrives.  Tomorrow is cleaning day and Thurs. is baking.  I am looking forward to having our family members here  and showing off our rural paradise.
I have tidied away the bits and pieces from my last quilting project and am now ready for the next one.  A number of the scraps were large enough to be cut into 5" squares so I got that done and added to my collection.
I will be testing a pattern for PineRose Designs so that is next on my list.  Also have the next block for the Quilt Pattern Magazine's BOM, Over the Rainbow to do.  Never seems to be a  shortage of projects, does there.
The ladies on my Yahoo group have been talking about treadle and hand crank machines.  It is funny how when a subject is introduced, you keep hearing about it in other places.  I was at a quilt show on Sunday and one of the display tables had a number of hand crank machines.  I keep thinking about getting a treadle but I probably won't.  I think.

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