Wednesday, August 5, 2015

One Top Done and Another Waiting

I finished the Winnie the Pooh quilt top today and like the way it looks.  There always seems to be a point where you think it looks dreadful and  are tempted to just toss it in the 'someday' drawer.  However, when you have been given a commission, you have to keep going and I find it surprising that everything always seems to come together. The top is pressed ready for quilting and I know what pattern I am doing so tomorrow, it goes on the frame.
A lady brought me a quilt she made today and wants me to do the quilting.  This one is going to be challenging because of the fabric content in both the top and bottom.  However, she has done a lovely job of the appliqued flowers that make up the top so I shall do my best.
Before I start that one, though, I am going to work on one of my own.
This weekend is the Almaguin Quilt Show in a community near us so I will be going to that.  I may wait until Sunday and take my husband.  He loves looking at quilts and fabric so it will be nice time.  (Yes, I know I am lucky.)
It is staying cool in our area and while I am enjoying it and it is great for sleeping, our tomatoes need the sun and warmth.  I expect it will change again in a few days.

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