Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fair Time Already

Rain, rain go away, little Heidi wants to play.  We have been having a grey day with intermittent cool rain-too nasty to be outside walking.  I had Heidi chase her ball indoors so she got her exercise and I will use the treadmill later on.  The moisture is good for the garden so any complaining will be muted.
After some initial problems with thread breakage, I have all but finished quilting the crib quilt that is on the frame.  I only have one more row to do and then I can add the binding.  I am planning on finishing that part while staffing the Art Centre on Thursday.
I realized with a shock the other day that I hadn't even thought about my fall fair entries so did make a list for that.  I am only making a couple of new small things as I have lots of stuff on hand which fit various categories.
The Burk's Falls village fair takes place on the Labour Day weekend so I do have just over a week to get everything together. 
Do you enter your local fair?  I think it is fun and always gratifying to see how many ribbons I get.

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