Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I have been discussing words with two people today in my emails.  One conversation started when a lady who is an editor on the magazine for which I write asked about a typo I had made.  This led to a discussion on how different countries spell words and, even though they speak the same language, the words can have differing meanings.
The other discussion arose from a Facebook post about libraries.  I am a lifelong proponent of libraries as is she and we exchanged thoughts about their importance and how we both enjoy reading.
I mentioned that I subscribe to a Word of the Day site.  Each day I get a new word from the Oxford Dictionary folk.  Many are obscure and unlikely to be used but others are fun.  I try to remember the ones I like best and have started writing them on my desk top Post It note along with the meaning so I can reread it throughout the day.
Another way I have improved my vocabulary is through crosswords.  Often a word will be used in a series of puzzles which lead to me remembering them.  One of the early ones I memorized as a young teen was abhor.  Not one you get to say often but a nice change from saying you hate something.
I have always been good with words.  I think being able to communicate both verbally and in writing is a great asset.  Occasionally, I will read a post on Facebook and I really have no idea what the person is saying.  Not a good situation if they are selling something.
Today's word of the day is retroject (projecting backwards).  I haven't thought of a way to use it yet but as soon as I do, it will be another fun addition to my vocabulary.

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