Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Favourite Word

I have been busier than usual the past couple of days.  Hubby is making maple syrup and my part of the process is to supply him with food and tea.  This involves a few trips a day through the mud, soft snow and ice to where he has the boiling area set up. It is hard work for him so I am not complaining (or at least not loudly) as I find the sap making work really boring.  It mostly consists of standing and stirring.
I have also had a few more meetings.  I had a meeting for the executive members of our Art Centre this morning and a doctor's appointment in a few minutes.  In between those two meetings, I have been working on the centre's web page.  It is still pretty basic but you can check it out at if you wish.  I will have products listed eventually so people are able to shop on line.

I have had some time to look over two quilt books that arrived in the mail today.  I will take time later to mark the projects I want to make.

It is an ongoing battle to limit the projects I take on.  I have got pretty good at using my favourite word when necessary.  If I don't say 'no', I could find myself on the go 20 hours a day and not a moment for quilting.

I heard someone say that you had better do all the things you hope to accomplish before you retire because you won't have time after.  I certainly agree that can easily be the case.  So far, I am managing to avoid it.

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