Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Goals

This may seem like an odd goal but I am trying to use up all the fabric that is currently in my stash.  By 'use up' I mean finding patterns for it and making kits.  I have 3 kits done so far and made a small wall hanging/table topper.  The accumulation hasn't reduced noticeably and, of course, I have to buy fabric to go with some of the kits but it is fabric that has a purpose beside looking good on my shelves.
My collection of metallic fabrics is going to be the hardest to use.  What on earth do you do with all that glitter and why on earth do I keep buying it?  Well the answer to the latter part of the question is that I like sparkly things.  Doesn't matter if it is fabric or stick on fake jewels, if it sparkles, I want it.
My computer monitor, cell phone, sewing machine and a lot of other items that can't fend for themselves have sticky gems adorning them. 
An unexpected benefit of my goal is that I am trying new colours in old pattern favourites. It is amazing how different a pattern can look using a new colour scheme.  Often the simplest pattern can be quite pleasing when a person steps out of their comfortable box.
This little table topper used up some of my glittery fabric.  The fabric that looks pink is actually more of a dusty rose shade.  I didn't have a grey that was light enough so I used the reverse side of the fabric for the border and corner blocks.


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