Wednesday, April 8, 2015

On Line Greetings

I have had a very pleasant day.  I cut up quite a bit of fabric for various patterns, worked up a new colourway for one of my own designs which I want to make again and answered dozens of birthday emails and greetings on Facebook.
Being able to quickly send a message to someone is, I think, one of the great advantages of social media.  I rarely send cards any more and, if I do, it is usually to someone who doesn't have a computer.  I don't mind in the least having my family and friends wish me a happy birthday, Merry Christmas or whatever on line.  Some might think it impersonal but I don't.  The individual still has to take time to do it and, while it doesn't take as much effort as buying, writing and sending a card through the mail, it does still involve thought and action.  I know that I would not have heard from the majority of people that greeted me if they had not been able to do it on line.  And I would have missed knowing they cared.
Of course, I still do enjoy getting cards in the mail and a number of people sent them.  We also got a lovely, hand made Easter card from our grandchildren and that was extra special.
Hubby was able to gather some sap today as the buckets are starting to fill.  After what, for a while, appeared to be a bad season, it does look as though we will get enough of the sweet stuff for our needs, and to give to friends.

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