Tuesday, April 7, 2015

the Right of Way

I took Heidi for her walk this morning after breakfast rather than the usual 3 p.m.  The ground was still frozen so we were able to enjoy ourselves without having to worry about muddy paws or boots.  I think I will try and make this time our routine now for that reason.  Also, as we get into spring, the bugs are less in the morning.
Later on I went into the village to do some errands.  The store that sells my products needed some more items so that was my main reason for the trip plus delivering eggs to a couple of customers.  I decided to pick up some groceries at the same time.  While going to the grocery store, I passed Blu Moon (the shop that sells my products) and suddenly remembered I hadn't brought the items with me.  I had to go in anyway to pick up my check and buy some more goat soap but I was so irritated with myself.
Hubby had to go into  the village later in the day so he dropped everything off for me.
When I was driving into town, I saw an interesting sight.  I had to stop to let a deer cross the road and stayed put for a few seconds as there is usually at least one more following.  Sure enough, another one came to the edge of the road, stopped and looked at me.  I could almost hear him thinking 'are you giving me the right of way?'  I stayed put so he crossed as did another 3 or 4 behind him (probably a she, actually).  The deer in this area are so used to traffic and the drivers to them that you can almost bet if one gets hit it will be by a tourist.
When hubby cam home he brought me an African Violet-my favourite house plant.

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