Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Happy Hoofer

At last.  I am a happy hoofer.  I am able to walk through the bush again.  There is still snow but both the dog and I found enough clear areas that we were able to have a nice time exploring and looking at how many small branches have been knocked down by the wind.  There is also plenty of evidence that this area is a winter home for the deer.  Eventually all that fertilizer will disappear into the ground.
We finally have some little yellow star shaped flowers in the north garden and the two on the east side are free of snow.  I did some gentle raking of the lawn but didn't want to do anything to rigorous and pull out the grass roots.  We have a lot of mole damage so that will have to be seen to and more grass sown.  Our lawn is certainly not anything that will be seen in a landscaping magazine except as a 'before' illustration but I do like to have an area where we can sit.
I have been working at a quilt top that uses 5 inch squares and have got nearly used up all I have.  I will keep them in a bag until I have another pile of fabric charms. I am using MSQC Double Slice pattern for the blocks and then will put sashing around them. I also need to be thinking about some quick projects to make for the first craft show of the year. 

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