Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Threads of Life

I have frequently mentioned the Burk's Falls Village Quilters as they are the local group to which I belong.  They are, as is usual with quilters, a wonderful bunch of women and we enjoy being together for the conversation as much as for the quilting.  When I have to miss a Monday, it feels as though I have been away for months before the next quilt day rolls around.
Often our get togethers extend past the Mondays when we go to quilt shows or visit in each other's homes.  Because we are all around the retirement age (some getting there, others past) we have the usual age related conversations and experiences.  People get ill or suffer from injuries.  A few times death has reached out it's icy fingers and touched us.
This week, we got news that left us all shocked and sorrowful.  The husband of one of our members died suddenly and she had a heart attack because of it. All day there were phone calls and e mails as news was shared, discussions held of how best to help and show our support .  I know we all felt like dashing to our friend and enveloping her in sympathetic hugs. 
In the midst of this there were appointments to be kept and the usual daily activities that had to be done.  And, I suppose, tending to these details were the best thing for us as it was a reminder that even in the midst of intense sorrow, life goes on.  Our friend will, no doubt, discover this as well once the immediacy of loss has past and the future, with its uncertainties has to be faced.
It is wonderful belonging to a group of caring people.  There is an added security in knowing that you won't face difficulties on your own.  Just as a quilt is held together by thread, so too is life held together by friends.
I hope you have many such friends in your life.

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  1. We never know when life is going to throw us a curve ball. I'm sorry to hear of your friends husband passing and your friends MI. My thoughts and prayers to you both.
    My Dad started feeling unwell on Monday and was hospitalized last night, we just never know what will happen next so it's time to hugs those around us and let them know how dear they are to us.