Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nature being Nature

I had my acupuncture treatment this afternoon and now I am tired.  It is hard to understand why having some tiny needles poked into various parts of your body would make you feel as though you have been hit by a truck but, it does with me.  I am just finishing up a few things and then going to bed early.  I did get a quilt pinned and started the quilting.  I am doing this one on my table machine in a shadow pattern.  The quilt is just a small table topper so will be done quickly.
Tomorrow I have to leave early to be at an appointment at the hospital for a scan.  All this medical stuff is for the whiplash injury to my neck which happened eight years ago.  Every so often I remember the comment of a student in my driver ed class when I was talking about the dangers of  braking suddenly in front of another vehicle to frighten a driver following to closely.  The student said he didn't care if he got rear ended because he could then collect the insurance money and be set for life. 
The reality is that I am still waiting for a settlement and I doubt if it will cover expenses never mind set me up for life.  Still many people are in a much worse situation so I try not to complain.  Or at least not frequently.
Hubby and I saw an  interesting sight today.  We were sitting outside enjoying a cup of tea when I saw a small hawk land in a nearby tree.  It stayed there for quite a bit then suddenly swooped to the driveway edge.  After a few minutes, it reappeared carrying something in its talons and flew away-back to its nest I presume. The little spring peepers (frogs) made a audible appearance a couple of nights ago and the air is full of their high pitched singing.  Spring is here.

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