Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Machine versus Bed

We have finished with the maple syrup making for another season.  We got most of it filtered and in jars today.  The rest is for us so doesn't have to be done right away.  Now that is done, I should be able to get back on schedule.
Yesterday, our hydro was out for a while so quilt group was cancelled.  Hubby and I decided to go to Huntsville as they still had power and we had planned to go today anyway.  We did the usual; bought groceries, had lunch and, of course, I purchased fabric.  I was quite pleased to get what I needed at a good price.  I had to get backing for a small quilt and found a perfect match on the discount table.  A little searching resulted in backing for a baby quilt and fabric for some craft projects.  They were all 5.00 a meter with a further 50 cents off and I had a five dollar coupon.  A great day for a quilter.
The hydro came back on about an hour after we got home so I was able to catch up on my e mails and using the sewing machine.  Every time the hydro goes out, I say I am going to buy a treadle sewing machine.  Hubby tells me that he isn't going to add on to the studio but I think an antique machine would look great in the guest bedroom.  Of course I will have to put a smaller bed in there but I am sure our company will understand!

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