Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What Ever Works

The quilt lessons at the school are going well.  The students seem to be getting a grasp of the cutting and sewing of a quarter inch seam.  I keep forgetting how young they are in relationship to me and make references to something such as the Star Wars movie. They have no idea what I am talking about.  They have heard of the movies,  of course, but not of any of the characters or phrases such a going to the dark side.

I enjoy teaching this age group (grade 8) as they don't realize there are limitations to what they can do.  I once taught a young lady how to make a jean quilt. She put the fabric under the needle, grabbed the part furthest from her, stepped on the peddle (while standing up) and just guided the layers through like wood at a sawmill.  The seams weren't the straightest but she got the quilt made and then went on to learn how to do things 'properly'.
It has been raining today so it feels damp, cool and miserable.  However, the snow is going down.  I haven't done any quilting of my own as the studio does seem chilly.  Will finish the kit top tomorrow.
I am just waiting for some batting to be delivered and then I have some tops to get quilted.
Hopefully, it will be more cheerful in the morning,

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