Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Virtual Food

Have you ever wanted to be able to enjoy all manner of wonderful food without having to worry about calories,  cooking or cleaning up.  Not  possible, you say.  Well, you are partially right. Virtual food fits all the requirements.  It is true you won't get any nourishment but you also don't have the drawbacks.  The best place to enjoy virtual food is at a virtual retreat and the best virtual retreat is, of course, focused on quilting.
My on line group Hearts 2 Hands has a VR almost every month.  Each time we add a bit more fun and this time it is going to be a virtual menu as well as a virtual show and tell and demo's.  The show and tell will consist of photos and the demo's will be posted YouTube videos or written instructions. We will also post photos of our progress and completed tops.  It should be a lot of fun.

We are going to hold this one on the Mar. 21st weekend as it is National Quilter's Day.

I am getting a lot of work done on a quilt with a cross pattern.  I cut the fabric on Monday at quilt group and, although I carefully worked from one fabric to the next, I still managed to make mistakes.  Nothing that created any real problems but irritating nonetheless.


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