Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An Extra Trip.

I started my day by being very efficient.  I had to go into the village to pick up a prescription so made a list of all the other things I could do while there.  I arrange to meet a friend for lunch and started working my way through the list.  Two of the stores where we were going to window shop were closed so, after lunch, I headed home.  While unpacking my purchases, I doubled checked the list and realized I hadn't picked up the prescription.  Back into the village I went.  So annoying when that happens but my own fault.  What is the sense of making a list if you aren't going to look at it.
I took the dog with me on that journey.  She doesn't usually get to go in the car as she fusses when left in the vehicle and people tend to look at you as though she had been sitting there for hours.  She is getting a bit better so I will take her if I only have one thing to do.
I have come up with a small pattern that I will share with you tomorrow.  It is a simple idea but will result in a quick block and, therefore, a quick quilt.

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  1. Don't you just hate when you forget the one thing you were mean't to do. We all do it but when it happens to me I wonder is this the start of something (Alzheimer's) Lol.