Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back Yard Appearances

It is hard to stay inside now that we are above freezing and the sun is warm enough to melt the snow.  Our banks have gone down over a foot and things are starting to appear that we haven't seen in months.  The backs of the lawn furniture that stays out year round are now visible as is the lid of the composter.  This morning, Heidi climbed onto the snow in the back yard to announce to her doggie friends that she was still around.  She hadn't been able to get up the sides of the trail that we had dug for her before as it was at least twice her height.
I did get out the next project I want to complete.  This is another wall hanging and I only have a bit more to do before getting it ready to be quilted.  After that, I will get back to my husband's quilt. Once that is done, I can get onto the commissions I have.  They don't need to be done until the summer but I know from experience how quickly time can pass if you aren't careful.
Hope you are experiencing some nicer weather in your area,

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