Friday, March 20, 2015


I have been on a virtual retreat today.  The members of the Hearts to Hands Yahoo Group are 'meeting' on line to share our quilting accomplishments.  The retreat will last until supper on Sunday.  Most of us will only be able to pop in when able as other responsibilities claim our time.  I have had all day today to quilt as hubby is out.  I finished this wall hanging and am now back working on a kit I started a couple of weeks ago and then had to put to one side while I finished more pressing projects.
It took me a bit to remember just what it was I had planned on doing but I think I got it back on track again.  I have had to remember to get up and stretch once in a while to keep out the kinks but I do need to take a break now as I am starting to make mistakes.  Almost time to get supper anyway as real food is more filling than virtual.


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