Thursday, March 5, 2015

Good News and Bad

A day of ups and downs.  A friends dog has been having some problems so she made an appointment at the vet.  It is quite a big dog and she isn't so we offered to stop on our way to shopping and give her a hand getting him in her vehicle.  As it turned out, he made it up the ramp she provided by himself and later she told us that there didn't seem to be any additional concerns.  He is elderly and has age related issues but there wasn't anything else that showed up.  That was good news.
I bought a new cell phone while shopping as we had been getting buy with just one and had begun to realize that we needed a second one.  I got a phone with a few more features including a good camera.  When we got back home, I unpacked the phone and discovered the face was cracked.  It must have happened before packing because everything else was fine. 
I called the store and, of course, it was the last one in stock.  Another may be in on Monday.  Even if it is, it means an hour plus round trip drive.  Irritating but no ones fault.
I have almost finished the top of my cross wall hanging.  Just one more section and then I can sew it together and decide how I want to quilt it.  I think a simple shadow stitch around the cross and maybe stippling in the open area.  It won't need a lot as it will be hanging in our church and not getting much wear and tear.  It is fairly large so will have to decide where to put it that won't get in the way of anything else.
The sun is definitely getting warmer and the snow is decreasing millimetre by millimetre.

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