Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Free block

In a Pinch

Start with a stack of 9 1/2" squares laid right sides up.  Use at least 3 pins to secure the stack.

First cut: Place cutting edge of the ruler  at the top of the square, 4 ½” from the left side and angled to 2 1/2” from the bottom left side.  Cut.

Second Cut: Move ruler to the right and place cutting side 1” from the top right corner  and angled to 5 ¾” from the bottom left side. Cut.

Repeat for remaining squares.


Place each of the 3 sections in a separate pile (3 piles in total). Number piles (1,2,3)  Take the top section of #2 and put at the bottom of its pile, take the top two of section 3 and put to the bottom of its pile.


Cut a strip of black (or desired colour) of fabric 1 inch wide by width of fabric.   Lightly press in half lengthwise.


Place  one # 1 section right side up on the table, align the folded black strip with raw edges to the long right side.  Place section 2 face down on section 1 and strip aligning edges.  Sew and press open.

Place block right side up on table and lay black strip along right long raw edge.  Place section 3 on top aligning edges.  Sew and press open.

  Completed block should look like the photo

Trim block to square. If you trim on left side and bottom of the block, you will retain the overall block design.

Full quilt instruction will be available on Craftsy.  I will let you know when it is published.
Please remember this block is for your personal use only.  It cannot be sold, nor can the quilt made from it be sold without permission from the designer.  Please contact me at;

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