Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Soft, Slippery Snow.

I got my new cell phone today and am charging the battery.  Then I will have to learn how to operate it.  Life consists of one change after another, doesn't it.  Sometimes I feel as though I would like to go back to before all these rapid technological advances but it is a temporary thought.  I do like gadgets and upgrading the ones I have is always fun-eventually.
Our weather has warmed up so rapidly that there is water dripping everywhere.  Our driveway has a good half foot of soft, slippery snow and my car sitting about half way along.  We need to go out this evening so we should be able to back out to the road and then will park the car there until we get everything plowed.  Hopefully, next year, the tractor will be working and all these problems will be overcome.
Hubby got the trees tapped yesterday.  The sap won't start just yet but he is ready for it.  You can tell when it starts running because the snow around the trees moves away from the trunks.  This is an indication that the tree is warming up and the sap is moving.  We are on our last bottle so it will be nice to replenish the supply.

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