Friday, March 13, 2015

Return of Fiction Friday

I am getting caught up with my quilting again.  I have been so busy the past couple of weeks that getting any sewing done at all was a chore.  Today, however, I got a lot of quilting done on the top that is in the frame as well as few other bits and pieces.
It was lovely going for our walk this afternoon.  The road is dry and if it wasn't for our driveway, I probably could have just worn my running shoes.  No mitts or hat needed.  Even little Heidi was able to go out without her coat and booties.  It is still early for spring but I will take these warmer temperatures.
We have to keep an eye on Heidi when she goes out now as the snow is getting softer and we don't want her disappearing through a snow bank.
I think that next week I will return to the Fiction Fridays if I can come up with anything to share.  My schedule will be fairly easy as I only have quilt day on my calendar.

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