Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cranberries. Yum.

Our snow banks are gradually lessening.  I don't realize there has been any change until I notice something that was previously hidden.  I have ordered some high bush cranberries to plant this year.  There is an area group which supports and promotes local plants and I am in full agreement with that.  They grow better, need less maintenance and don't introduce something that will have an adverse affect on anything else.
We have, what I believe, will be the perfect environment for the cranberries.  We have a wood area that is swampy; in fact a wetland so they should do well.  How nice to have our own cranberries for chutney and to eat with our own chickens and turkeys.
I also got a dogwood tree as the bark looks so nice in the winter.
I have almost finished the quilt I was making from a kit.  I just need to add the borders which consist of 2 1/2" squares of the fabric  that was used in the blocks.  I am glad I made this quilt as the look is quite different from anything else I've done.  Should have a photo to post tomorrow.

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