Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'Tired' Out

You would think that with 20 acres of bush to search, a person would be able to find a pine or spruce cone somewhere. I need one for a craft I am entering in our fall fair.  May have to buy a cone at the dollar store.
Husband bought a new tire for his tractor and I was helping him put it on this afternoon.  Too hot a day for that kind of activity.  I didn't do much more than just steady the tire while he was doing all the grunting and sweating.  We did finally get it in place and he is tooling around the driveway making sure everything is alright.
We have had a dreadfully sad situation here.  We were out at the local park for a concert on Sunday evening when we saw and heard a stream of emergency vehicles go past.  This is definitely not something you see here.  One cruiser or ambulance is rare.  Unfortunately, a little boy had fallen into the river.  There is a dam and falls right in that area which, combined with a treacherous undertow, makes it an unsafe place for any but the strongest swimmers.  His body still has not been recovered despite divers, helicopter and boat searches.
I cannot imagine what his family are going through.  If you are a person of faith, please pray with me that the body is found and quickly.  This would bring a measure of comfort.

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