Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Around the Panel

I have been working on my panel quilt.  I have managed to get the sides trimmed so the printed border is even all around, added two more borders and now am going to do a pieced border-flying geese.  It has been a stop and go process as we have had company and getting the every constant house work done.  We finished our cereal this morning so had to make more, empty the dishwasher and replace clean dishes with dirty etc. etc.
It has been raining all day so I haven't been able to get outside for fresh air other than a gulp or two while letting out Heidi.  We had a thunderstorm last night for a bit but it didn't last long and, other than a couple of flickers, the hydro stayed on.

The Quilt Pattern Magazine is looking for block submissions for their EQ Creativity call.  I have submitted one of mine.  It is fairly simple but can be used so many different ways.

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