Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Lovely Day

We had a lovely day yesterday.  We went to Huntsville where we met another couple who have been my friends for over 40 years.  We had lunch and then went for a little train ride.  The steam engine was one that had been in use and then became obsolete.  Some good folk got together, restored it and now it is a tourist attraction.  There were a number of people from other countries sharing the ride and they were obviously enjoying themselves. 
After disembarking the train, we went to this lookout.  Hubby and I want to go back again when the trees change colour.  We clambered around for a while taking photos from different angles and then drove back to the main street for a cup of tea.
It was a really nice day and we came home happy and glad that we had gone out.  It was a little outing to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary.
I am having trouble figuring out how to get the photos from my tablet to the computer but, once I can do that, I will share some more.

The body of the little boy that drowned has been recovered.  I am so thankful that they family has this little bit of comfort in the midst of such a dreadful tragedy.

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  1. I was reading about the wee boy. So sad. There have been so many drownings this summer.