Friday, August 1, 2014

Holiday Travellers

Here in Canada, we are celebrating a long weekend holiday.  By now, most of the major highways are clogged with traffic as people leave the cities for a few days at their cottage, camping or enjoying other forms of relaxation.  Of course those of us who live in cottage country aren't going anywhere.  We already are in the area that everyone else seeks.  The downside to calling paradise home is that your streets and stores are uncommonly crowded during certain times of the year.  Locals do their shopping early in the week, leaving Thursday to Saturday to our holidaying visitors.
We had to go into the village today but only to drop off  batting to some of my customers, get the mail and go to the library.  Tomorrow, we stay home.  Sunday afternoon we may go out for a bit after church but only near where we live.
I have been getting ready for my quilt show and sale tomorrow.  Hubby has put signs up on the road and the end of the driveway.  I am getting the studio organized so I can display the quilts.  If it stays nice, I will have a few on the clothes line.  It would be lovely to make a sale or two but if I get a few visitors to come and see what I do, that will also be good.
If you are on the road this weekend, please drive safely. 

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