Thursday, August 14, 2014

Group Piecing

I have got my flying geese steps worked out to the point I can now get on with making them.  I like to be able to do a bunch of one steps at once and then do all of the next step.  I am calling this group piecing.  With the flying geese, I cut all the squares and put them all together for the first step.  This consists of sewing 1/4" to the side of the center mark so I do that on all the blocks, turn them around and sew them all on the other side.  I continue this way until I have a whole mess of geese done at once.  I don't need to iron one block at a time because they all reach that point together.
Sewing this way has been called strip piecing but that doesn't make sense to me as I am not sewing strips.

This morning, a lady on the Hearts to Hands Yahoo group sent a link to a very simple craft.  I stopped the geese for a bit to do a few.  I made four circle and will do the next step when watching television this evening.  These will make great little Christmas tree or package decorations.
Here is the link:

I think it would be fun to do these in non traditional colours for example blue and white or with plaid fabrics rather than print.
I think I will also try them in different sizes.
Let me know if you make any.

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