Thursday, August 7, 2014

Over and Over Again

I have been doing some 'late in the year' spring cleaning.  I am sure you have had one of those experiences where you start to do something and it leads to a massive task.  I decided I had to organize my mixing bowls as they were getting scattered throughout the cupboard that holds them as well as my Tupperware, pitchers, large containers of flour and sugar etc. etc.  Of course, I ended up doing the whole cupboard as well as the kitchen pantry and the one in the sun room that holds the overflow.  Clearing everything out gave me the opportunity to clean the floor and shelves as well as put to one side things I no longer wanted.
Everything looks a lot neater and cleaner now but I know from experience it won't stay that way long.
I think this is why so many women hate housework.  It never stays done.  You make the bed one day and then again the next.  Dishes are done over and over, floors always need sweeping, clothes washing and meals made.
There are many things like that.  Weeds regrow in the garden, lawns need to be mown repeatedly, and, every winter, driveways have to be continually cleared of snow. My husband spends summer and fall cutting and piling firewood only to have to repeat the process again the next year.
Quilting, on the other hand, consists of starting and finishing a project.  Once the quilt is made it is finished.  You don't have to redo it.  No wonder we believe quilting keeps us sane.

Heidi, blissfully unaware of all the activity

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  1. Never thought of it that way, explains why I'd rather quilt.