Thursday, August 21, 2014

An Artistic Village

Another busy day.  Another lady and I staffed our local arts and craft center today and, although we didn't have any sales, we did get a number of people drop in and look over the items.  We have quite an eclectic selection.  Everything from sachets, wooden egg cups, paintings, pillows, carvings and, of course, quilts. This is a very artsy area and the members of the center don't begin to cover those blessed with artistic talent.
Do you order books on line?  I just purchased another quilting one and got it from the Book Depository.  I haven't dealt with them before but members of a on line group mentioned them so I checked them out.  Their prices are good and, even more importantly, there is free shipping.
I was supposed to have a quilt class tonight but one of the ladies is sick so cancelled it as I only have two students.  I was tired after my day out so am glad of a chance to relax.  I do enjoy teaching though so even if the lesson had gone ahead, I would have been pleased.
We had quite a thunderstorm last night and then it rained heavily on and off throughout the day.   Our veggies are ripening nicely despite the cool and wet weather and I am looking forward to making my chili sauce and pickled beets.

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  1. Ok, so perhaps I have this figured out now...I have choose the comment as option first, then write the comment!
    We had a thunderstorm roll through later in the evening yesterday, it was a break from the heat and humidity that was growing through the evening. I am looking forward the a warm weekend and quilting outside for a good part of it. I think you will like the book. I especially like the cover quilt as well as trail mix